Gold Bits Coin Vs The Other Crypto Coins in The Market

There are currently about 1500 plus cryptocurrencies in the market. The reason that people have only heard of a few is that most of these cryptocurrencies have a very low market capital and coin price right now. The biggest share of them all is occupied by the famous Bitcoin which currently has a market cap of $162,014,125,310 and one Bitcoin equals $9593 as you read this article. The rest of the cryptocurrencies combined would have a coin price less than that of a Bitcoin.

One might think that what Bitcoin has done right to get this much appreciation? Well, the most suitable answer to this question would be that it was one of the first few cryptocurrencies and the marketing team of Bitcoin did great to get ahead of very few competitors they had back then. So, the supply and demand scarcity kept increasing dramatically and the prices followed. In December 2017 the price of Bitcoin hit a record $19000 US dollars and the event created mass awareness throughout the world. Millions and millions of people paid heed to the cryptocurrencies and invested in the market as well.

The tech companies then worked in collaboration with high net value individuals and huge companies to launch more cryptocurrencies in the market, the number kept increasing and most of these coins had a modal that precisely depended upon the base value of a bitcoin. Almost sixty percent of the coins available today have absolutely no economic modal to improvise when the price of bitcoin changes.

The year 2018 can be marked as the new era in the world of cryptocurrencies as we are now having intelligent crypto coins that are also backed by a logical materiality or mechanism. We have seen some of the coins that are backed by property and others that are backed by its community members who offer certain services against these coins. Gold Bits Coin has outweighed all of the modern crypto coins as it has combined the real Gold with the Blockchain based crypto coin called the GBC. Let’s evaluate where GBC stands among some of its competitors.

1-    The stability of price

When you persuade a consumer to invest in your business, you have to show them a stable business modal.

Most of the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin failed to deliver a stable business model, their prices displayed an extreme of fluctuation that ticked off investors. Gold Bits Coin has a stable business modal where it is backing its coin via real gold. It has already invested in keeping a certain amount of gold against its coins. This strategy has also encouraged investors to believe in the program because they know that the team is actually believing in their program in the first place.  GBC is not relying solely on the investors who buy their cryptocurrency but also upon the base gold value. GBC has a limited number of coins to create the scarcity and meet a challenging supply and demand level where the prices will keep rising with respect to time.

2-    A long-term plan

Over the course of about 6 years, we saw a gradual increase in the price of Bitcoins. We also saw intermediary fluctuation but the hike was dominant throughout these few years. I would say they got lucky as people never really knew what the digital money was and they just followed the mainstream trend. However, we see that a lot of people have a far better understanding of Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies now. Those who invest and those who mine have hefty material on the internet to go through before they set their plan in motion. Which means that a lot lesser people are investing in coins that guarantee very less and promise a lot.

This is also a reason that caused a major drop in the price of the famous Bitcoin. I say this price is not going to rise tremendously again. People are going to invest in coins that have strong baking and a long-term business plan to support the digital currency they are representing. Gold Bits Coin has a long-term business plan and one of its cornerstones is that it will invest fifteen percent of its revenues in buying more gold against its GBC and another ten percent in the research and development to make GBC an even better digital currency. If you go to you will see the percentages they have allocated to different departments to make sure that this coin does not see the same fate as hundreds of others did last year.


There is a huge number of people who are ready to invest in businesses if they see an opportunity for growth and stability. Who would not be willing to buy shares of a growing business? Definitely, the business has to be backed by a strong economic modal and materiality. Gold Bits Coin combines the reality of Gold with the technological enormity of Blockchain and it makes GBC the most valuable coin of the year 2018. It is a reliable platform that guarantees growth and stability in the long term and the short term. If you buy a hundred GBC today you will get the base price of Gold and the GBC value, this value is going to increase in the next six months for sure as the Gold prices keep increasing and the scarcity of GBC as well. So, if I were you, I would not waste any more time and sign up today on to invest in a better and secure future.


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