Importance Of Cryptocurrency As A Medium Of Financial Transaction

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which uses encryption techniques to verify the transfer of funds and regulate the generation of units of currency, making it difficult to counterfeit. It is faster, secure, and cheaper than regular currencies. This is why cryptocurrencies are better than regular currencies. Cryptocurrencies have global acceptance. Because of this, conducting transactions becomes easier with these digital currencies. Transactions are simplified with private and public keys for privacy and security purposes. These currencies are used to make payments for online trading.

Here are the advantages of cryptocurrency for financial transactions:

• Identify Theft
All transactions between digital wallets are stored in the public ledger and it can calculate a precise balance. The transactions are checked to make sure that the current buyer owns the coins used. The public ledger can be used as a transaction Blockchain. The Blockchain technology ensures safe digital transactions via encryption and smart contracts, which make the entity unhackable and void to fraud. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the security of the transactions.

• Fraud-Proof
All confirmed transactions are stored in a public ledger when a cryptocurrency is created. All coin owners are encrypted to make sure the legitimacy of record keeping. You own the currency because it is decentralized, so neither the government nor bank has any control over it.

• Easier Access
The internet and digital data transfer are the platforms for crypto shopping. Therefore, anyone that has a proper network connection and some knowledge on cryptocurrencies can use these currencies to make payments for online shopping. There are people that have internet access but do not have access to a traditional exchange or banking systems. They can use cryptocurrency trading.

• You are the Owner
Traditional banks or financial institutions do not allow you to own your hard-earned money, as they exercise some power of life or death over your money. Sometimes, your accounts may be closed even without notice due to infringements of a bank’s terms of services. On the other hand, you can own the cryptocurrencies. You are the owner of the corresponding public and private encryption keys that create your cryptocurrency network address or identity.

• No Transaction Fee
You have to pay the transaction fee for transferring funds through banks or financial institutions. Your transaction fee can make a significant difference in your balance especially when you do a lot of transactions in a month. However, no transaction fee is applied for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency transactions. Sometimes, you may have to pay external fees when you use a third-party management service to maintain your cryptocurrency wallet, but the fee is less than the transaction fee of banks.

• International Trade is Easy
Cryptocurrencies are not subject to interest rates, exchange rates, transaction fees or other charges imposed by a particular country. By using the peer-to-peer mechanism of the Blockchain technology, you can conduct cross-border transactions and transfers without any complications of the currency exchange fluctuations.

• Flexible
Cryptocurrencies are flexible in nature. You can find “privacy coins”, which are created to mask your identity on the Block chain and supply chain tokens, which facilitate supply chain operations for various industries.

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